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MARIE VALFORT is a French brand which has its genesis in a long family history. It is one of textile manufacturers who have been working in the Loire region of France for several generations, each one being more and more animated by its passion for excellent products through the manufacturing of the most beautiful fabrics destined for the garment industry.

And from this familial passion, the desire of MARIE VALFORT, the founder and director of the company, came to life – to take her ideas to a much higher level by harmoniously associating the finest materials and her endless imagination. The objective was to make her own creations of the most feminine of all the types of clothing – dresses.

It is in her workshop in ROANNE that the designs are conceived and elaborated upon, that the final dimensions and the most intricate finishing touches are applied to produce her dresses of the most delicate and unique sort.

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A most refined dose of curiosity and a permanent research for the rarest fabrics created in France, Italy, or Switzerland have led Marie to visit not only the most well-known salons but also the lesser known local artists. Thanks to these methods, she is able to find the fabrics the most capable of stimulating her imagination and fueling her creative desires.

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MARIE VALFORT est une entreprise à la vocation artisanale profondément ancrée.

MARIE VALFORT is a company that still applies the artisanal methods of finding the best dressmakers to make our limited series dresses. Beginning with a most meticulous choice of fabrics, the prototypes and then the models, where even the slightest imperfections have been eliminated, are created. Each dress represents the efforts of some of the most qualified professionals in our industry, having been chosen for their relentless pursuit of perfection and their respect of the highest standards.

In this way, the very philosophy of the MARIE VALFORT Company is respected as only the most exceptional robes are created. The production of each model is thus extremely limited – only a few numbered editions of every dress.

Each dress is made following an individual order from our customer according to the standard dress size ordered. And well before its expedition, it will be inspected with the most rigorous standards. Only after having passed the test of every single technical criterium will it be folded with the greatest care in white silk paper and placed in a package assuring its arrival in perfect condition.

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The dresses produced in our workshop are sold exclusively on our website for several reasons. The most important are that this permits us to have direct contact with our customers at any moment, to construct our relations with them, and of course to exchange ideas for our next creations. In this way, our dear customers become an integral part of this wonderful and harmonious process.